To: The salmon supporters who want the salmon back

The Newsom administration has declared war on the Central Valley Salmon. The Governor’s actions and the drought have brought the wild salmon populations of the Central Valley to near extinction. Even if you don’t fish, you should be opposed to letting an iconic California salmon that has survived since the ice ages go extinct. The Governor has allowed agricultural interests to dictate the state’s water policies. The result has been a disaster. The wild spawning fish are nearly gone. If not for the hatcheries, there would be no salmon fishing at all. We are clearly in a crisis and we need action.

So what do we do? Do we let Newsom continue business as usual until all the salmon are gone? Or do we get mad, advocate for the salmon, and fight back? Water4Fish gives us an avenue to demand changes and get results. It sends thousands of email letters to the governor and other leaders that have the power to make the needed changes. We used this system in the past and got great results. We are activating it again to highlight current issues and needs.

On February 8th, 2022, the crisis was compounded – the Central Valley Fall-run salmon was petitioned to list it as endangered.

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Pacific Coast Fed of Fisherman's Assn.
Kokanee Power
California Stripe Bass Assn.
Reel Magic Sportfishing


The Fish Sniffer
USA Fishing
California Sportsman Sep - KHTK Radio

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