Salmon Protections

Dear Salmon Supporter:

Last October, the Federal Government issued a radically different set of salmon protections (biological opinions) than those that had been set by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) in 2009 to recover the endangered Central Valley salmon. David Bernhardt, the Secretary of Interior discharged all of the NMFS scientists and replaced them with a separate team which had orders to significantly increase water exports from the Delta at the expense of the salmon.  Bernhardt was formerly the chief lobbyist for the Westlands Water District which has been fighting to increase exports at the expense of the salmon for over 30 years.

The new federal rules will increase water exports by 600,000 acre feet and will cause severe damage to the Bay Delta estuary, the Central Valley Rivers and all four of the Bay-Delta Chinook salmon runs.  In short, it is a path to extinction and will destroy the $1.4 billion economic contribution of the salmon industry and the 23,000 jobs it supports..

The Bernhardt actions violate several laws. The Golden State Salmon Association (GSSA) and other prominent organizations have filed lawsuits to reverse the Bernhardt actions.  Water4Fish and other groups are supporting the GSSA effort.  You can help by speaking out.  We need everyone who supports saving the salmon to make your voice heard.  With enough letters, we canl make a difference.  

Governor Newsom is pivotal in this effort but so far he has not taken the actions which will help.  Click on continue below, fill out the form and email him your appeal letter.     .       

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