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Forms for Sending Thanks to Bureau of Reclamation and The Fish and Wildlife Service Campaign letters

The Issue:  There are four salmon runs in the Sacramento River.  Two of them are listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the other two have crashed badly.  In the last decade the fall-run, which is the mainstay of salmon fishermen, has declined over 90%.  The late-fall run has declined 87% and without help it will be a candidate for an ESA listing.  The salmon runs are clearly in a crisis.  In low water years, not enough fish return to spawn to sustain the runs into the future.  We need action by the state and federal governments to turn this situation around.

The salmon industry led by the Golden Gate Salmon Association has developed 26 salmon rebuilding projects which, if implemented, will double the current salmon populations.  These projects can be seen at www.ggsalmon.org .  Eight top priority projects were selected in 2013 for early implementation.  The Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have supported six of these projects and are assisting to get them implemented.  The Bureau is providing the management, environmental clearance and funding.  Some have hit difficulties but the Bureau and the Service remain committed.  We owe them a sincere thanks for this action.

There are more projects that need support, funding and management.  The proposed letter thanks the agencies for their current support and encourages them to expand their involvement.  Most of the 26 projects can be funded by the Central Valley Project Restoration Fund which the Bureau manages under its CVPIA authority.  This fund provides $50 million annually to support the doubling of the wild salmon populations and to support waterfowl needs in the Central Valley.  Stakeholder letters and emails can be of significant help in convincing the Bureau to proceed with additional projects.

We encourage you to review the letters and send or email them.

The Water4Fish Board of Directors

Gary Adams, Dan Bacher, Bob Mellinger, Paul Pierce, Dick Pool and Roger Thomas  


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