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Forms for Sending Opposition to Congressional Water Bill Campaign letters

The Problem:  A water bill is currently under development in Congress that will virtually wipe out the Central Valley salmon. It also begins the eradication of stripers and bass.  The merged bill is based on Senator Feinstein's Senate water bill (S2198) and the water bill passed by the House last February (HR3964).  We have not been able to review the final provisions; but enough information has leaked that we know its impact will be disastrous for the salmon.  The Golden Gate Salmon Association has analyzed both of the original bills.  They both overturn the Delta biological opinions and they both will do irreversible damage to the ESA listed and non-listed salmon runs of the Sacramento River.  Should the combined bill become law, its result will be 1) additional ESA salmon listings, 2) another shut down of salmon fishing and 3) chaos in the water delivery community as they try to deal with the ESA results.  The House version also initiates a pilot program to eradicate non-native stripers and bass.

We have listed people who can be instrumental in stopping this legislation.  We recommend that you send letters and emails to all of them.  Oregon residents should focus on Senators Merkley and Wyden.  The Senate can stop this bill if we get enough support.  Your letters are critical.

To print completed letters ready for mailing, fill out your contact information on the form and go to the letters page.  At the bottom of the page, click on the blue text and print each letter.  You can also copy the letter and paste it into you word processor to add a letterhead or to customize it.  After you print the letters you can click on email and also send emails.      


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Campaign recipients

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker

Commissioner Mike Connor

Eleen Sobeck NOAA Fisheries

EPA Administrator Gina NcCarthy

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell

Senator Barbara Boxer

Senator Diane Feinstein

Senator Jeff Merkley - Oregon

Senator Ron Wyden - Oregon