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Forms for Sending California Salmon Protection Campaign letters

The Problem:  The California drought has created severe problems for all sectors of the California economy including salmon.  For the past two years Congress has been working on drought legislation.  Unfortunately, some in Washington DC are trying to use the drought as cover to weaken existing salmon restoration programs and salmon protections.  We need to take action now to protect our salmon and other runs. 

The House of Representatives has already passed a bill (HR 2898) that contains dozens of provisions that would destroy the salmon runs and end recreational and commercial salmon fishing.  The bill also starts the eradication of stripers and bass in the system.  The House and the Senate are now negotiating to create a new compromise bill that could be passed by Congress before the end of the year.  Senators Feinstein and Boxer are key members of the negotiating group.  We need to ask them to fight hard to see that HR 2898 does not destroy our salmon, stripers and bass.

Your emails and letters can have a big impact on our future opportunities to catch these fish.  Please send letters and ask your friends and associates to do the same. 

We have drafted an email that you can easily send to them.  If you prefer, you can print it and send it as a letter.  Fill out your contact information on the form below and go to the letters page.  You can send emails by just clicking on "Send letter by email".  If you want to print the letters, click on the blue text at the bottom of the page and print each letter. 

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Campaign recipients

Senator Diane Feinstein