Mission Statement

The primary purpose of Water 4 Fish is to represent the interests of fishermen and wildlife supporters in the restructuring of the water policies of California so that our fisheries can be recovered and enhanced. We are an equal partnership program sponsored by dozens of recreational, commercial, environmental, business and tribal groups. The program does this by collecting web based and hard copy petitions signed by supporters. This constituent data is then presented and used with political leaders. In addition the program endeavors to keep all anglers and the general public informed about current California water and fishery issues.

We advocate for a more environmentally sustainable water policy that will provide enough water for municipal and agricultural use as well as improve viable fisheries for future generations. California is in a crisis with regard to water availability. Moving more water from one area to another is not a viable long-term solution. A statewide water conservation effort is absolutely critical if we are to more efficiently use our limited water supplies to ensure that all sectors have the water they need. We want all groups to be involved in these critical issues and to participate in the decision making processes that establish comprehensive water supply solutions for the entire state. We welcome input from all concerned groups.

Board of Directors

Dick Pool, President, rbpool@protroll.com

Dan Bacher, danielbacher@fishsniffer.com

Dave Hurley, hurleyjacks@gmail.com

Vic Rossasco, vrrosasco@gmail.com

Advisory Committee

Vic Rosasco - Volunteer

George Saksa - Volunteer

Bob Mellinger - Volunteer

Chad Woods - Nor Cal Fish Reports

Shirley Ferguson - Volunteer

John Pelster - Website Creator and Support