Originally the production of salmon in the Sacramento River was second only to the Columbia River in the Northwest. Today, the Sacramento River salmon and those in other watersheds are nearing extinction. Some of the blame goes to the drought but much of it goes to the Newsom Administration. They are systematically taking actions that lead to continuing salmon declines and ultimately extinctions. They have ignored the environmental laws and regulations that control the flows and water temperatures when the eggs are in the gravel and when the juveniles are migrating.

We are working to reverse these lethal practices by asking you and others to write a letter to the governor asking for the needed changes. Why is the Governor so anti-salmon? We don’t know.

Bottom line, if you want to catch salmon in the future, send this letter. We have set up the campaign targeting the Governor and his Administration.  We are asking thousands of supporters to sign onto it.  There is power in numbers and together we can make a difference!